About Annie


Name: Annie Dameron
Age: 38
Birthdate: 12/18
Born: London, England,UK
Now living in: Charlotte, NC, USA
Married 15 years,3 kids. Michael, Christina and Sarah.
Loves foreign languages, writing, visual art (painting, drawing, collage), chocolate, coffee, tea, the beach, and her kids.
Favorite genres to read: Science-fiction, fantasy, biography, travel writing, culinary, foreign language books, medical (specifically Chinese homeopathy/herbology)

at the Carolina Renaissance Festival 2011

Kung Fu Street Master Christina
Halloween 2011

Cowgirl Sarah
Halloween 2011

Writing Facts about Annie

Started writing at 8 years old. Was known as "The Writer" in elementary school and junior high.

Father in the US Navy, moved around as a child, spent 5 1/2 years in Naples, Italy

Worked on the school newspaper and literary magazine in middle school and high school.

Features editor on literary magazine during senior year of high school.

Worked on school yearbook during junior year of high school.

Specialized in foreign language and education in college (Virginia Tech, class of 1995)

Speaks fluent English and German, enough Spanish and Italian to get into trouble (HA!), familiar with French, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and Tagalog.

Has published poetry in various anthologies.

Assistant editor of Charlotte magazine, Voices (pub.2007)

Student of Long Ridge Writer's Group.

Published first e-book with Smashwords in September 2011