Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Roadblocks to Writing and How To Bust Through Them

Today, I'm stuck in a bit of a rut where writing's concerns. It's hard to find the motivation to get anything done, especially when my health has gone wonky, the weather's yucky, and the kids are acting nutty. One way to bust through the blocks is the list all the excuses you've got for not writing and counter them.

Here are mine for today:

1) My hands hurt like anything. My muscles ache and I just feel blah.

Okay, five minutes. Just five minutes about anything, even if it's just to complain about how bad you feel. It'll make you feel better.

2) The weather's yucky.

Writing doesn't care if the weather's yucky or sunny.

3) The kids are acting nutty.

Act nutty with them. They might inspire you to write something...when they get to their naps.

4) Laptop's throwing a fit.

Use the upstairs desktop. Or pen and paper.

5) Internet's down. Can't do any research.

Go to the library. Look up notes the old fashioned way. Take notes. That's a form of writing.

6) I feel like doing art.

OK, do art, then come back to the writing. Or even better, combine art and writing.

7) Hubby's complaining that I don't spent enough time with him.

Spend time with him. Then write. (In my case, Hubs' definition of "spending time together" consists of him watching reruns and me just being in the room. In that case, I use that time to write.)

8) I'm too tired.

Take a nap. Or two. Or three.  Then write.

The list varies day by day, but somehow, I try to write despite all the blocks. It's not easy, and sometimes I'm not very successful. The times I am successful are steps toward my writing goal...which seems closer and closer. What are some roadblocks that stand between you and writing?

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