Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Technological Gods Hate Me, Part II

I swear, whatever Gods are in charge of laptops and databases, USB ports and CD/DVD drives are after me with a vengeance. I'm still wondering what I did to tick 'em off. Yeah, my laptop hard drive decided to die on me, just like that. Hubs spent the entire day this past Sunday trying to a)figure out what's going on b)retrieve stuff from the dead hard drive and c)make the laptop functional again. 

Laptop is kinda functional. I've got internet access again, and I've spent most of this week re-installing and reorganizing everything I had. Most of my stuff is backed up on an external hard drive (esp. my e-book stuff and art), but the Tech Gods declared, "Uh-uh."

The laptop refuses to ackowledge the USB ports. Can't use my mouse, can't plug in the external hard drive. I had to plug it into Hubs' desktop, download stuff onto CD-R and re-install it that way (at least my CD/DVD drive works). I've tried unplugging the computer and restarting it...Hubs insists it isn't the USB port drivers or whatnot. >.< It won't acknowledge the SD card from my digital camera, either. So I've got to go the CD-R download route again...which is do-able, just a real pain.

I'll be back-posting art and writing and other things, once I get everything downloaded, processed, etc. in between episodes of real-life, of course.

I keep telling myself this is a challenge to improve on my patience. I hope.

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