Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Character Exercise #1: Description

Describe your character's physical appearance--in minute detail. What does he/she like about it? Self doubt?

Suzie Pound: a smidgen over 5'6, about 145 pounds. 'very well padded' with voluptuous curves. round face, chocolate brown eyes, chestnut brown hair cut in a bob. Small scar over left eyebrow from ducking a runaway 'sock knife' thrown by a mad Scot during a Highland Games Ceremony (long story, don't ask). Pierced ears, overplucked eyebrows, Wears size 12, 36 D, full sensuous mouth, rounded figers and toes, splash of freckles on her nose (her favorite feature),

Suzie used to be VERY self-conscious about her weight, but is now in the process of acceptance. Her sister snidely describes her as 'frumpy, dumpy, with a face that's a little lumpy'. She walks in a confident manner with a straight back.

Describe her facial expressions, body language, physical habits?

She walks in a confident manner with a straight back. Her face, in her words, is 'malleable, just like cookie dough'. You can tell her emotions by her expressions: smiles widely, eyes narrow and brows pulled together when mad or irritated. Walks with a long stride, her hair bobbing and arms swinging. She indulges (too much) on chocolate and coffee and laughs a lot. Tends to chew on her pencils and pens when she's nervous and is a devout user of Post-It Notes, string tied around her finger, and her iPad. She hums to herself (whistles 'The Imperial March' from Star Wars when she's in a bad mood). She prefers to walk and ride her bike whenever possible. Loves physical activity--shoots baskets or hits the pool when she needs to think. VERY emotional at sporting events (keeps a rubber 'bad brick' by her side during footbal season).

Describe her wardrobe. What image does she want to portray?

She owns some stylish pieces: formal dresses in basic black, a blue velvet, a red stretch dress. Jeans, solid-color blouses and sundresses, short skirts and vests. Denim Jacket and overalls. Unique jewelry: rings, earrings, watches, understated but still elegant. She has no problem with boots and sneakers, but hates high heels. She wants to be unique, one-of-a-kind, a kid at heart who doesn't mind getting dirty. She wears what she likes, even if they seem like fashion gaffes to others. (Short skirts, bikinis, stretch dress in size 12? Bring 'em on!)

Large possessions: car, home, furnishings?

Small apartment (1 bedroom, kitchenette, sitting room that doubles as a writing studio.) Asian influences: mini-fountain, shoji screens, bamboo mats. Has a treadmill that doubles as a clothes hanger. CD/DVD/Blueray player. Guitar, keyboard. Drives an eight year old Toyota Camry, though prefers to walk. Owns a mountain bike, and her pride and joy: her iPad and her laptop.

Small possessions, souvenirs and keepsakes?

A broad fedora-type hat, a gift from an old Canadian Mountie friend. A pair of hematite earrings and matching pendant. A photo album of her travels, collection of journals, and lucky fountain pen.

Interests and hobbies?

travel, anything new, being with friends, dancing, writing, music, can whip up a mean margarita or Bloody Mary. Loves to cook, enjoys sports and debate.


Somewhat flighty, but a loyal friends. Cheerful and outgoing, but hides insecurity and self doubt by being constant on the go. She makes deadlines, but isn't concerned with material things. Makes friends easily, but devoted to a select few. Willing to try new things. Holds grudges for centuries.

Life Story?

Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on 12/31/72. Attended public school and McGill University (journalism major). Mother was from a well-to-do family, Father was an architect. Mother remarried after her father died. One sister, a high-powered corporate lawyer. Moved to Montreal to teach art and writing to kids. Got involved with Remy, aka 'Bear', a Quebecois, but panicked when he proposed marriage. Took a job at an fledgling magazine in the States.

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