Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mini-Collage Art Journal

Here is my newest art journal. It's a hardback medium-sized Piccadilly journal with with plain pages. I got this at the Borders closing sale for 50% off. The strip above says 'Celebrate Creativity' and the 'distressed' sticker at the bottom says 'Recenly Discovered'.

I haven't done any mini-collages in quite some time now. I usually went through the Sunday paper and cut/tore out any pictures that appealed to me, even on a subconscious level. Later, I'd arrange and glue them down in arrangements and added sparkly glue, stickers, etc. When I was short on time (with 3 kids, that was normal), it was a quick and easy way to make art.

I want to get back into the 'habit', so this will be my mini-collage journal. I'll post some of these mini creations as I do them. 

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