Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Snippet: The Haunted Kitchen

It only took her a few seconds to realize she wasn't alone. She glanced around the kitchen. The pantry was still empty, the fridge still leaking water, the oven still crusted with spaghetti sauce and grease. The floor still squeaked as she made a slow circuit around the kitchen island.

Goosebumps raised on her flesh. A sense of of hominess, the faint odor of burnt candy and sugar cookies. The lights brightened, although there was no electricity. Then she was elsewhere... 

An older woman bustled about in a gingham apron, dancing between stove and island. She checked the candy thermometer stuck in a ghostly pan, checked the torn recipe book. She brushed by the living as if she didnb't exist. Dumbfounded, she watched a dead woman running her long-dead kitchen.



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