Thursday, September 29, 2011

Creativity can save your sanity...

This past week has been somewhat of a nightmare, for many reasons. Not only for personal reasons, but technological too. We had a modem problem that made accessing the Internet difficult. Since our Internet and main phone line were bundled, we lost main phone service too (thank goodness for working cell phones!). Now that the technological problems are straightened out, I've had to play catch up on a lot of things.

On the good side, I used the time to work on creative projects. I finished my second short story/poetry collection in time for Halloween, and started to put together a collection of my art. Spent more time with the kids and generally tried not to go insane. I finally got rid of a lot of clutter around the house...Goodwill and the used bookstore received plenty of donations.

When times are tough and people question your relative sanity (literally, figurative or otherwise), writing and art are good outlets for sadness and frustration. Put those words on the page, draw those images, mix those colors and throw them on the canvas. A slow boil can make a tasty spaghetti sauce or a great cup of tea. A quick flash can spark more ideas down the road. Get those emotions out there before it has a chance to fester into a gaping emotional wound.

This past week has been a lesson in patience and self-preservation. I can say this, though: creative work has been (and continue to be) a way for me to cope when my world's turned upside down. 

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