Friday, December 16, 2011

Random titles (for stories, I suppose)...

I have a whole page of story titles in my notebook. Usually they come to me out of nowhere, and I have to write them down before I forget them. These particular ones are completely random and I've never used them. Some come to me with full-blown plots, others are just strays that wander in and I end up wondering where they came from.


"Faking It: Act Like a Star, They'll Think You're a Star."

"Origami First Drafts"

"A Lot of Plot on a Plot of Lot's"

"Invisible Ink"

"The Generous Miser"

"The Literal Elephant."

"The Dog Fit in Her Purse"


"Tell Me a Lie, Tell Me a Truth"

"The Underpainting"

"Done for Good or Done for Now?"

"When I Stopped Being Happy"

"The Tiger, The Sorcerer, and the Stinky Closet"

"Family's Medicine"

"Stars, Rectangles, Squares and Circles"

"The Arsenic is Behind the Wafers"

"So Many Sins...Where Do You Want to Start?"

"House Blend Colored Blue"

"Cook's Illustrated"

"The Typist's Apprentice"

"Blazing Demons, Humble Angels"

"An Entire Tour of the Cosmos"

"The In-Reach Outreach Program"

"Anna's Lowest Prices"

"That Basement isn't a Bargain"

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