Sunday, December 11, 2011

Touch of the Flu and some Catch-Up...

Sorry for my relative absence last's flu season and guess who got bitten by the bug?

On the good side, I managed to get some writing and art done. On the bad side, this means I have a LOT of catch-up to do. I'll be back-posting a few things, and try to get back on the daily posting run this week.

A few housekeeping things:

Here is a list of various sites related to my writing and art.

Anne Dameron, Writer:

My Smashwords page: My e-books are all available for download here.

Check out Annie's Zazzle Art Store: (featuring artwork seen in my e-books). Christmas gifts available here!

I Gotta Write! on Blogger: and Facebook Page

My page on LinkedIn:

MamaJava on tumblr:


Phoenix Fire Arts:

USS Sarasvati: (Star Trek fan art)

LadyR1218 on Deviant Art:

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