Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Snippet: The Promotion

Writing Exercise: Finish this line in a voice other than your own.

Right after they posted the results, I tried to...

push my way through the crowd that had gathered in front of it. I stepped on a few tones and kicked a few shins, but I didn't care. All that mattered was the grade. I wanted to do better than everyone else. After all the hard work, the tricky negotiations, the out-and-out bribes, I deserved the top slot. My skin crawled as I brushed against one of the upperclassment. I kept the distaste off my face. If this worked, I'd never worry about that bully and his posse ever again.

Finally, I found myself at the front of the screaming mass. The screens blared the point standing for all to see. I caught a glimpse of the top ten scorers. Arianna Blake, second. My breath froze in my lungs. Second place. Good enough to move to the next level. Good enough to move me into better quarters, better rations, better instruction. I was now in Delta Group and no longer in Gamma. No longer a plaything for the Uppers. Now I was an Upper. The realization gave me a heady feeling.

Then I saw who was in first place. Brian Satchett. He was now an Alpha. I squeezed my eyes closed.

One more year, I told myself.

But it was going to be a hell of a long year.

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