Monday, March 12, 2012

"Five Elemental Dragons: Cycle One" now available on!

My newest collection of short stories, "Five Elemental Dragons: Cycle One" is now available on Smashwords! In the mythical land of Shinwa, five young women gain five unlikely dragon avatars. This collection is the first of a duology (Cycle Two will be coming out soon!) for the Chinese Year of the Dragon 2012.

The link for all my books on Smashwords is here:

Download for "Five Elemental Dragons: Cycle One" is $1.00. Also available are "A Patchwork of Life" (short stories), "From the Dark Side of Shadow" (Short Stories), "Under the Sakura Tree" (Japanese poetry) and "Women in Color" (art book).

Reviews for this e-book and my other e-books are much appreciated. If you are interested in book reviews, please contact me. Thanks.


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