Saturday, June 19, 2010

Art and Writing: A Collage of the Mind

I was very fortunate to meet a wonderful group of women at a "retreat" in Asheville, North Carolina, in 2005. Nine lovely women met at a cabin in the mountains, and we spent time laughing, eating, drinking and sharing our dreams. We found common ground, despite nine different backgrounds. It was a heady time. We visited new restaurants in downtown Asheville, sought shelter in a bar from a sudden downpour, played board games in our pajamas. I was pregnant with my older daughter at the time and was full of hopes and dreams.

One of our activities was collage-making. We searched through magazines and cut pictures and words that described our dreams. Here are two of mine: the one on the top has the theme, "What are you Waiting For: Oh, the Possibilities". It shows some of my "true colors" of my personality. Jewelry-maker, Virginia Tech alumna, chocoholic, musician, reader.  These are the facets of me.

The page on the bottom is a "Glimpse of the Future". A trip to the Pacific Rim, Healing of Body and Soul, triumph over depression, and flying straight and true like an arrow from a bow. (My zodiac sign happens to be Sagittarius.)

Try collaging and see what you come up with. You just might be surprised.

All writing and art copyright A. Dameron 2000-2010

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