Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pen to Music: Tunes that I Write to...

I went through my playlist and picked out some of the music I write to. Most of them  are instrumental, though there are some with lyrics.

Gaelic Storm (CDs: "Bring your Wellies" "How are we Getting Home?" "What's the Rumpus?")
Star Wars Trilogy (Soundtracks: Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi)
The Very Best of Alan Jackson (CD)
Gloria Estefan (CDs: Destiny, Mi Tierra, Greatest Hits)
Angelique Kidjo (Cd: Oyaya)
Baha Men (CD: Greatest Movie Hits)
Josh Groban (CD: Closer)
Ray Charles (Soundtrack: Ray)
The Wiggles (various CDs)
The Essential Billy Joel
Avenue Q Soundtrack
The Best of Star Trek (30th anniversary, and Volume 2)
Putamayo Collections (Samba!, Celtic Collection, Music from the Chocolate Lands, Music From the Tea Lands, Americana, The Dougie McLean Collections, among a LOT of others)
Harry Potter (Soundtracks from all the movies)

There's a lot of soundtracks in there. I tend to buy the soundtrack of a movie I like. I also collect international music. When I have a particular scene in mind, I try to find a piece that will convey the feeling of what's going on. Space battle? Star Wars. Evil mischief afoot? Selections from Star Trek Enterprise: In a Mirror Darkly, Parts I and II. Romantic? Josh Groban. An alien culture? Various Putamayo collections. Kid-friendly? Wiggles or the Imagination Movers (I have 3 kids under 10). A little naughty? Avenue Q.

Do you write with music? And what do you listen to while you write? Do you make specific choices or wing it?

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