Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Questions for Writers: First Drafts?

First Drafts: how do you do them?  Please reply with your comments. Thanks.

How do you write your first drafts?
A) Everything long-hand on paper, then typed into a computer.
B) Partly on paper, the rest on computer.
C) On some sort of external device (Palm Pilot, iPAD, etc.)
D) Completely on a computer (desktop or laptop)
E) Other? (explain)
F) More than one method above? (which ones?)

What do you use to write your first drafts?
A) Pen, Pencil
B) Stylus on a screen
C) Keyboard
D) Blood
E) Other? (explain)

Do you ask anyone to beta (proofread) before publishing?
A) Yes, I  use one reliable beta/proofreader.
B) Yes,  use more than one reliable beta/proofreader.
C) No, I don't ask anyone to proofread. I just publish as is.
D) That's what spellcheck is for.

How many drafts do you get through before the final draft?
A) Just one.
B) Two or three
C) At least four
D) More than five. (How many?)

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