Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Erasers Remind me of my Childhood, Not Make It Disappear

When I was a kid, my friends collected all kinds of stickers. Scratch and sniff ones that smelled like grape and strawberry, ones with googly eyes, little pony ones and sparkly, glittery ones. They put them in thick albums and carried them around to show anyone who wanted to see them. My sisters had huge stacks of Garbage Pail Kids and Magic cards, Pokemon, and other RPG cards.

I've always been a bit different. I collected erasers. Not the pink gummy ones or the dull gray squares, but the novelty ones. The ones that looked like food (I was rather proud of my Hershey's Chocolate collection) and little animals, robots and anime characters, household appliances, cars, trucks and airplanes. I put them all in a shoebox out of sight of curious eyes. My family moved overseas when I was 14, and the shoebox disappeared en route. I never did find out what happened to them.

Not to long ago, lo and behold, I find these at Michael's. They're called "Crazerasers" and made by Fashionangels.

sushi erasers

pastry erasers

bread erasers

ice cream erasers

These were so similar to the tiny erasers that I collected (and lost) as a kid. So I bought some to take home. Do I use them to erase mistakes? I have to But finding these made me feel like eight years old again, and when I started to scribble ideas in spiral bound notebooks...and good memories.

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