Saturday, November 6, 2010

How Often Do You Update Your Blogs?

How often do you update your blogs? Daily, weekly, every other day, monthly? When the inspiration strikes you? A lot depends on the reason for your blog: an informational blog or a business blog might update every day. An art gallery blog might do it weekly, and a "this is my life" might depend on how much time you have to write. There are no rules set in stone; it's all up to you and the message you want to relay to your readers/followers.

Here's a rundown of my various blogs and how often I update them. I've had the criticism of "you've got too many blogs", but I know people who have even more than I do.

Daily (if at all possible)
I Gotta Write
Lady Rainbow's Art (non-fanfic art)
USS Sarasvati NCC-Art1 (Star Trek art)

Annie's Flights of Fantasy (writing archive original works, just switched to a weekly schedule, thanks to time and other projects)
Writin' Across Universes (Star Trek/Doctor Who/Stargate/Other fanfic. Ditto, see above)

Whenever I can
Scribblings and What Nots (Life Journal)
Three Special Kids (special needs blog)
Mama Java (inspirational, food, Doctor Who gifs, pics)

Each one of my blogs has a definite purpose, so if a reader isn't inclined to read my Star Trek fanfics, but would be willing to read my short fiction and poetry, he or she could go to that blog instead. All the blogs are linked together, despite being on Blogger, LiveJournal, Dreamwidth and tumblr.

So, how often do you update your blogs?
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