Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thank you, Veterans! We salute you!

Thank you, all those who serve in the military now and those who served in the past. We owe you so much.

Most of my family are/have been in the armed forces. My dad is retired US Navy (28 years, Chief Petty Officer), one uncle served in Desert Shield/Desert Storm, another was a master chief petty officer during Korea and Vietnam. My brother is in the Navy now, and my cousins have been in the US Army, Air Force and Marine Corps.

I think one of the most inspiring men I've known is a retired WWII Air Force Colonel, who worked with Werner Von Braun during the heyday of the space program in the 1950's-60's. Man, did he have stories about his time in the service!  I met him when he went back to school to finally become fluent in German...and he was the oldest student, in his 70's at the time.

Colonel Jack Crooke, USAF (retired).  You're so awesome. I hope to be so awesome when I get to your age.

Have a good Veterans Day, everyone, and be sure to thank those in uniform!

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