Friday, February 4, 2011

One character I definitely identify with... the person who's the support for the others, who usually stays behind at the control center (inside the spy van, the weapons/gadget garage) or sits ready as back-up while the heroes storm the gates and take down the bad guy, destroy the superweapon and generally get showered with glory.

The quiet, unsung hero that's there with the real (or virtual) coffee or alcohol, back rub, sympathetic ear. The one with the tech smarts to pull our heroes out of the fire in the nick of time. The researcher who does the grunt work, pulling together information from different sources, so our heroes look smart.

The one that's usually picks up the pieces, knows the combinations and the passwords, can go to the grocery store blind-folded and one hand tied behind their back and STILL pick up all of our heroes' favorite munchies, and get them on sale too. With double coupons.

The one who pulls the night shift so our heroes are well refreshed to face crises during the day (and I never understood how they ALL happen during alpha shift/in broad daylight. What, trouble takes a rest when the sun goes down??) and generally files the reports from said crises. The one who knows how to confuse and obscure and simply write it off as "a training exercise" or "a weather balloon".

But there's one thing the heroes tend to forget about these unsung few. When something really bad happens to them (kidnapped, blown up, they get pissed off enough to turn to the other side (enemy or someone else), go look for another job, they kick the bucket doing something unexpectedly heroic)...

...our heroes are lost without them. What was the combination to the armory door again?

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