Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rolling with the Punches...

It's been a hectic week here at la Chez Anne. My son's had the flu since this past Friday, so the weekend (and Valentine's Day) were mostly spent at home. He's on the mend now, thank goodness. Whatever this bug is, it's pretty nasty. Christina had it a few weeks ago, so I guess having it make the rounds was inevitable.

Even now, I'm playing catch-up, with art and writing and other more mundane stuff (like laundry and dishes). There have been some glimmers of enjoyment amid the coughing and the headaches. The new season of Top Gear on BBC America, for example. Getting a new pair of headphones for my laptop after my last one was stepped on (and broken). Chocolate Ghiraradelli brownies for V-Day. Squeezing in some colorful Artist Trading Cards late last night.

It's those glimmers that keep you going, especially when the going gets really tough. Otherwise, it's all too easy to throw in the towel before you should.

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