Thursday, February 17, 2011

So Many Things to Chatter About...

Not too long ago, someone asked me an interesting question. "What's the purpose of your blog? Some people with rheumatoid arthritis have that as their focus (awareness and efforts for a cure). Others have special needs as their sole focus, some have just art. You go all over the place."

Yup, I sure do. My real-life friends know I tend to chatter about anything and everything and sometimes it reflects in how (and what I choose to) write. This particular blog is about writing and everyday life, though I do have separate ones for art (Phoenix Fire Arts) and special needs (Three Very Special Kids). All of these (and my RA) are important parts of my life and all the pieces are interconnected and interdependent. It's like a mosaic or a picture puzzle.

I trained as a linguist/philologist and language teacher, love to travel, eat too much chocolate and drink way too much coffee and tea. I'm exploring my Filipino, Chinese and Spanish heritage. I watch a lot of Star Trek, Doctor Who and Torchwood. I paint, draw, collage, and spend way too much money at the art supply store. I'm the one parked on the couch during football season and I cheer on Manchester United during that football season. I'm a Detroit Red Wings fan (courtesy of a language professor at the University of Virginia about 12 years ago. Thanks, Doctor Mac!). I'd rather live at the ocean than in the mountains, and I'd rather deal with warm temps than freezing cold.

And I've just written about all of those in one blog post.

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