Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lessons learned from a dysfunctional laptop...

laptop. Yes, this is a confession. 

The kids dumped water on my old laptop about a week and a half ago. The power supply shorted out and made it completely useless. When the smell of burning plastic wafts past your nose, that's pretty much an indication that it's time to hold an electronic funeral. I still had WIPs in various stages trapped on the harddrive. Since Hubs is a computer software engineer, I hoped he would manage to save those lost files.

He did, but it took a little while. In the meantime, I had to use his computer. It wasn't a problem at first, but eventually, Hubs got tetchy about the amount of time I spent on it. Of course, he never actually said to me, "Get off my computer." Sometimes, the unspoken is louder than the spoken. I had to be mindful of just getting on to check e-mail and touch base with other creatives. So writing, blogging and processing art took a hiatus for nearly a week and a half. Thank goodness for the ability to schedule blog posts for the future.

Eventually, we managed to find a laptop that I liked. It was out of stock in Best Buy, and I actually considered getting another make and model. Not my first choice; the keyboard was arranged in a weird way (the F1-F12 keys were integrated with the number keys, plus some other quirks that I wasn't used to). When Hubs tried to purchase that one, there was a mix-up with the Best Buy credit card he tried to use.

We went home without a laptop. I was frustrated as Hubs tried to get through to BB's Customer Service. Eventually, the mess was straightened out. He searched around the net and found that the original model of laptop (the one I liked) was available at a different store. This time, Hubs called the store to make sure it was THERE before he took the time and effort to drive out there.

By the time the day was over, I had my new laptop in hand. Hubs also purchased an external harddrive with certain connections to retrieve the lost data from the old laptop. I was relieved that it wasn't confined to the ether...I was afraid it'd been lost forever.

Lessons learned during this episode:

1) I spent more time scribbling in my various sketchbooks. Now I have several 'drafts' for future drawings and paintings.

2) Writing longhand isn't as much of a pain as it was. Then again, I've always carried a notepad and pen with me wherever I go. 

3) Kids can spark the most unorthodox ideas, without even trying.

4) Never mess with a software engineer's computer. Just don't. Even if it's completely by accident.

5) It's amazing how much housework gets done when you're (temporarily) electronically stuck.

6) Patience is a virtue, but it's a learned virtue. 

and last, but not least,

7) If the kids can tolerate episodes of Doctor Who, I can tolerate unendless repetitions of Wiggles videos.

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