Friday, August 26, 2011

Some of my favorite artists' Facebook pages (Part II)

Like the previous post, this is NOT meant to be comprehensive, but a sampling of some of my favorite artists and artisans on Facebook. Check out their pages and give them your support! Thanks! If you want your FB page/website page/blog included in my upcoming Links Page, drop me a line at or DM me on twitter at @ladyrainbow! 


Art and Illustration:

Arty Aitch: link

Lesley Atlansky Art: link

Julia Crossland Art: link

Jennifer Donald Art: link

Gregos Art: link

Healing with Art (Emelisa Mudle): link

As I Am, Reborn: The Art of Nyela: link

Robin Maria Pedrero: link

Art and Design by Sand625 (Sandra Lock): Link 

David Sandum Art: link

Marcaeus Yates: link


Creative Business:

ABC Creativity (Andrea Schroeder): link

Crafty Chica (Kathy Cano-Murillo): link (Leonie Dawson): link

SARK: (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy): link



ArtsCow: link

Itsamistry Design Studio: link

Maimy: link

Variya Hand-Crafted Jewelry: link



Mestari Designs: link


Cryptic Fragments/Tammy Winand : link



Dirty Girl Pottery: link



Xenographics: link


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