Thursday, August 25, 2011

Some of my favorite artists' websites, portfolios and galleries

Here are some of my favorite artists' websites, portfolio and galleries. This isn't comprehensive, but just a short list I put together.


Fantasy art:

Rob Alexander:

Nick Bantock: ("Griffin and Sabine Trilogy)

Ben Boos:***

***He wrote and illustrated the beautiful book Swords. Tragically, his life was cut short in June 2011, but his legacy lives on.

David Cherry:

Jonny Duddle:

Durwaigh Studios:

Nick Harris:

Tom Kidd:

Howard Lyon:

Boris Vallejo:

Helen Ward:

Kieran Yanner


Fantasy/Filk (music)

Firebirds Art and Music:



Brom Art and Gallery:

Matt Dixon:

Martin McKenna:

Anne Stokes:


Fairy Art:

Myrea Petit:

Linda Ravencroft:

Fairies World


Manga/Comic Books:

Rod Espinosa:

Andy Fish:



Alan Ayers:

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