Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Story Snippet: Cold Glass (1)

She could hear him, but she could not see him.

The footsteps echoed silently in her blood. She kept still and listened. the air congealed all around her, turning every breath into frosty smoke. She found herself praying to childhood gods, begging their protection. Please, please, please, don't let him find me...

Him. Him, with a capital "H". It was Him, the one with no name. He knew her every move, every moment, in this world and the next. Always watching, waiting for the ultimate mistake. She knew He was there, knew it without looking. Inner Sight told her so. She knew every inch of His body and Soul and that frightened her, to have that much power and still keep sane.

She curled herself up into a tight ball. The presence grew closer, so close that she could feel His touch. Her throat closed in around itself, and smothered her cry for help. A gentle caress made her skin hot and cold at the same time. Intimate knowledge, His for the taking. She whispered in fear and longing. Then His hand closed upon her heart and squeezed it...


Her voice returned in a rush and she screamed. She flung the comforter away from her. A cool sea breeze fulttered the curtains and brought the sweet cries of sea gulls. Her head snapped towards the window at the raucous caws.

Morning. She was safe.


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