Sunday, September 19, 2010

Writing Exercise: "If your life story was a book..."

If your life story was a book, what would it be titled? What would its chapter titles be?

Version #1
Title: A Remarkable Detour
Chapter One: Merry Olde England
Chapter Two: New to Norfolk, VA
Chapter Three: Eighteen Months in Patuxent River, MD
Chapter Four: Che Bella Italia!
Chapter Five: Back in the States, Virginia Beach VA
Chapter Six: Hokie Country in Blacksburg, VA
Chapter Seven: In Cavalier Country, Charlottesville, VA
Chapter Eight: Southern Hospitality, Charlotte NC

Version #2
Title: The World at my Fingertips
One: The Brazen Brit
Two: The Headstrong Yank
Three: The Iron Butterfly
Four: La Dolce Vita
Five: Back to the Familiar
Six: Jefferson Country
Seven: The Queen City

All original writing and art copyright A. Dameron 2000-2010

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