Wednesday, September 29, 2010

7 Steps to Creativity by Christopher Lowell

Christopher Lowell is an interior designer with a quirky, yet practical flair. I remember the first time I saw his show on the Bravo channel and thought, "What a weird guy." There is a method to his madness...creative boldness yet classy at the same time. Quirky but not kitschy. It takes a skilled eye to break away from the ordinary without being so obnoxious that it can't appeal to people.

These seven steps are from his book, "7 Steps to Creativity":

1) Don't second-guess. Make a decision.

2) Don't procrastinate. What you hate, decorate.

3) Don't back down. Stick to your guns. Have faith.

4) Create a safe environment to make choices. Dare to dream. Let go of stress.

5) You're the boss. Give it a toss. Cut out clutter.

6) Put away your ego and pretensions in your back pocket. Be willing to be open.

7) Lighten up! Keep an aerial view! Be flexible!

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  1. Nice article! Christopher Lowell is so inspiring, on many levels.

    He has a new web-series coming soon. His preview is on youtube:

    Thanks for sharing ~Charlene


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