Saturday, September 18, 2010

Writing Exercise: My Life as a Comic Strip...Coming Soon!

Comic Strip: Annie

Theme(s): Creative people of all walks of life are people too. You don't have to be drunk, nuts, suicidal or depressed to write, paint, or do whatever you love. You can still be happy.

Plot: A neurotic, left-handed writer/artist who struggles with life's oddball screw-ups. She deals with life, love, deadlines, gallery showings, and the ever-bottomless coffee pot. She's a creative person in a decidedly conservative, un-creative area. It gives some hope to people like her and reassures them that they are not crazy. If they turn out to be, they're in very good company!

Setting: A part of town that's like Greenwich Village in New York or NoDa in Charlotte. It includes art studios, galleries, shops, coffee houses, independently-owned bookstores and restaurants. It's a wonderful place to be, although forays into the real world is unavoidable.

Supporting characters: a) traditional, stuffy mom b)glamorous fashion designer sis c)stiff, unyielding pal in banking, d) crazy, philosophical coffee shop/bar owner, e) neurotic cats  f) ever-patient editor, g) best pal from abroad (accent optional)

All original writing and art copyright A. Dameron 2000-2010

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