Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Evil Technological Gnomes Keep Dropping By...

My laptop died today. Again. Without warning. In the middle of a chat with some fellow creatives.

I swear, technology hasn't been my friend the past couple of weeks. First, the fried modem, now this laptop hiccup. The screen died on me, then everything shut down. Permanently, I thought. Considering all the stuff I haven't backed up yet (and the various short stories, fics and articles I was writing), I thought I'd lost them all.

I used my husband's computer to finish the chat and log back onto Twitter. Thank goodness there was nothing wrong with the connection this time. I waited until Hubby got home from work before I tried booting up my laptop again.

And lo and behold, it worked as if nothing was wrong with it. I retrieved the various writing projects that I thought I'd lost. So far, so good  tonight, and looks like whatever evil technological gnome that inhabited my laptop has been exorcised, at least for now.

But I'm keeping some anti-gnome tech close by, just in case.

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