Friday, April 15, 2011

The Spoon Theory by Christine Miserandino

Many people haven't heard about the Spoon Theory, but it's a wonderful analogy of how people with chronic illnesses deal with day-to-day activities. We're called 'spoonies', ones who are painfully aware of our 'spoon supply'.

Think of it like the life bar in a computer/Wii/Facebook game. You use a certain amount of energy to achieve tasks, like fighting an enemy, exploring new territory, or building new buildings on your ranch. That energy bar is set at a certain level. You can gain more points by advancing to higher stages in the game, finding objects or 'eating' virtual food and drink.

Now, we all have an 'energy bar' and for the most part, it's set. The amount depends on the individual; some people have more than others and it can vary day by day. Sometimes you find you can do all these tasks without a problem. Other days, you can't, but it's not a permanent state. We spoonies start out with a certain amount of energy like anyone else, but ours is permanently FIXED. We have to plan out ahead of time HOW we use our energy. Unlike the other players in the game, we can't gain more points. Once that supply is gone, it's gone. If you have one or two points at the end of the day, do you cook dinner or take a shower?

Decisions, decisions.

And some days, there's only one spoon left, and it's bent and tarnished.

But you still have to go on. Somehow.

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