Monday, April 18, 2011

Kids are on Spring Break...

...and I'm already rapidly running out of spoons.

I took the kids to the Huntersville Athletic Park, one of the few playgrounds I know that's fenced all around. It's ideal for my 3 kids...they get to climb, run and jump to their hearts' content, but I don't have to worry about them running off into the woods somewhere. They needed to run around...a stormy weekend meant being stuck in the house. Talk about kids getting antsy.

After about forty minutes, I took the kids to Northlake Mall for snack time. We dropped by the kids' section in Borders...the two girls played with the toys there, while Michael looked at books. I bought 3 little workbooks (reviewing numbers, counting and letters) off the clearance shelf.

Corn dogs for lunch, and now quiet time. Not for Mum, though...laundry, dishes, vacuum, catching up on writing, etc. When you don't have any help, you end up doing it all yourself. It's impossible to be a complete neat freak with three kids; I've had to let go of the stress of being Suzy Homemaker. It's not worth my sanity and health to put that kind of pressure on myself.

In any case, nap time is near an end. I hope the rest of the week will turn out OK, but we'll see.

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