Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Great Deal on Books

I went to Borders and found this book on the clearance shelf: Human Anatomy for Artists. To my shock and delight, it was selling for $9.99. Hardcover. I'm always looking for reference books on art, language and writing, but I'd never seen this before. So I wasted no time in buying a copy for my bookshelf.

Each page is finely drawn and exquisitely detailed with how bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons make up the human body, and how they are all interconnected. There are a few chapters devoted to how those structures change when the body is in motion (running, walking, jumping, etc.). I've always found hands hard to draw because of all the subtle and different angles and surfaces. Luckily, I found a few examples for drawing practice.

This is a great deal. I hadn't realized until later that the original selling price was $49.99, and it's listed as $36.46 on $10.41 isn't bad at all.

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