Monday, November 28, 2011

I made it through Nanowrimo 2011!!



As of this morning, my Nanowrimo word count is 51,705 words, and the story isn't finished yet. It looks like it might end up a LOT longer than I was expecting. For something that was a hodgepodge of scenes and stuff, it's starting to gell into an actual plot (gasp!). I've also gotten back into the habit of writing every day, even if it's just jotting a few notes or character quirks.

Now that to pressure of making 50K words before November 30 is off, I can return to some of my projects I put on hold to do this. My newest e-book "Women in Color" is planned for the first week of December, with art products on Zazzle in time for Christmas. I also have a few short stories and fanfic that I need to get back to sometime...leaving plots on indefinite cliffhanger makes for unhappy readers indeed.

Back to work...and stay tuned for more writing and art posts to come!



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