Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Making Art from "The Legacy of the Triple Lotus" (Nanowrimo 2011)

Here is the first piece of art based on my WIP "The Legacy of the Triple Lotus". The beginning part of the novel is set in Shinwa, a land based on Ancient China. Here is a temple, part of the Bell Temple complex in the Tong Mountains. Read the excerpt here



Shinwa Temple

"The Legacy of the Triple Lotus"

oil 20x16

© 2011 by A. Dameron 


I used many references for this painting, including Rob Alexander's How to Draw and Paint Fantasy Architecture and John Chinnery's Treasures of China: The Glories of the Kingdom of the Dragon.

My younger daughter decided to 'help' me with the painting. (This was while I was photographing it, and Sarah decided to pick up a dry brush and pretend to paint).


Sarah the Artist

digital photo, 2011

 ©2011 by A. Dameron

Like mother, like daughter! :-D

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