Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Story Ideas (Part I)

Old story ideas that never went anywhere:


"Cheesestick Conundrum"

A waitress at a chain restaurant tells the story about a former regular who comes in only for the friend mozzarella cheesesticks, marinara sauce and a glass of sparkling wine, Why the cheesestick obsession? Who's the weird customer? 


"Living Cheap"

Meet Olivia Hartford Cheap. She's a kindergarten teacher who loves her job. She's married to her husband Jonathan, but feels disconnected from him and his high-powered job as a stockbroker. They are very different personality-wise. Jonathan, according to her, lives up to his namesake. "He's so cheap, his shoes squeak when he walks." Can this unlikely partnerhood be saved?


"Four Corners of the World"

Tahra lives in a small village, comrpised of homes and shops surrounding a village square. Every day, she runs errands and meets the townspeople. One man, in particular, catches her interest. He had left the village as a young man, experienced the world, then returned to live out the rest of his days. Tahra spends time listening to his stories, despite his admonitions to 'mind the present'. Following his advice, she ventures out, little by little, further from the town square. She finds the exotic and the new is embedded in the ordinary.


"Sitting in a Blue Window"

Maya Lipski had everything to live for: a wonderful job offer, a new hometown, and a man who loved her. Then an automobile accident changes everything forever...

She finds herself in her version of Heaven: in a huge library, where the past, present and future are open to her. She finds herself looking at parts of her life and possible futures. An insidious danger threatens the library and the fates of her loved ones on Earth. Maya must risk her own existence to save all she treasures.


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