Saturday, January 21, 2012

Story Ideas (Part II)

"The Moving Crew"

A family moves from a small town to a bigger city. Although they're family, they are strangers. Told from the point-of-view of someone who married in, not related by blood.


"Nine Wives"

A new twist on the "Six Wives of Henry VIII". A monarch falls in and out of love with women all the time. He honestly believes he's doing them a favor. One by one, the wives are discarded, and one by one, they join forces to take them down, some from beyond the grave.


"Road Sage"

A self-proclaimed 'road sage' travels from town to town and city to city, and meets interesting people along the way. He touches their lives in ways no one expects, and vice versa.


"Worlds in Miniature"

What happens when a politician, a truck driver, a high-powered executive, a sassy waitress, and a homeless man are mini-sized and forced to co-exist in a dollhouse?


"Pun Intended"

A stand-up comic goes too far during his routine and is blacklisted from the Vegas Strip. 


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