Thursday, January 12, 2012

Writing Exercise: Brainstorming Survival Options

Prompt: Your main character's plane has been sabotaged over the Bering Sea. Brainstorm ways she can survive.

a) She clings to a piece of wreckage, a la Titanic, and is picked up by a waiting ship.

b) A kayak of Eskimo fishermen hauls her in.

c) Seals save her life and take her into their underground lair.

d) She's wearing a thermal wetsuit for such an event (she suspected someone had sabotaged her plane) and swims to safety.

e) A whale swallows her up, a la Jonah.

f) A U.S. (or Russian) nuclear submarine picks her up.

g) She manages to get to an ice floe and spends some time with the penguins.

h) She is frozen in the ice and spends 20 years in some sort of suspended animation. An archaeological team discovers and revives her.

i) She's knocked back in time and is saved by cave people.

j) The p-lan housed a small get-away copter (a la James Bond). She gets away, but fakes her death to throw the saboteurs off her trail.

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