Monday, January 23, 2012

Free PDF download of sample chapter: Tales of the Elemental Dragons (Huo, Fire)

In celebration of Chinese New Year, readers can get a glimpse of my newest short story anthology, Tales of the Elemental Dragons. In Chinese cosmology, there are five elements (as opposed to four in Western myth): earth, metal, fire, wood and water. This anthology will include ten stories, two for each element. These stories are interconnected, and serve as an introduction to my upcoming fantasy series set in a land like ancient China.

The link is here:

Once the set of ten is complete (hopefully by Wednesday) and on, I'll announce it on my blogs (Eighth Shot of Espresso, I Gotta Write! and the IGW Facebook page, plus my Asian-inspired blog, The Brocade Box). The short story collection will be *free* to download for 2 weeks, then after that time, it will cost $1.00 to download.

In the meantime, enjoy this sample chapter! 

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