Friday, October 1, 2010

Writing Exercise: Sentence Beginnings

Directions: Take the beginning of one sentence and think of as many ways to complete it.

He opened the door into the courtyard.
He opened the heavy safe- deposit box.
He opened the book and began to read.
He opened the hatch to the submarine.

She walked into a barfight.
She walked into a patch of moonlight.
She walked headlong into busy New York traffic.
She walked along the path through Hyde Park.

The children discovered a snake under a rock.
The children discovered a gold ring in the treasure chest.
The children discovered boxes of model train pieces.
The children discovered his stamp collection.

What if I said to you, "How is your sex life?"
What if I said to you, "You can drive a car, but you can't put wheels on it?"
What if I said to you, "Keep it safe for me?"
What if I said to you, "Turn left at the next intersection?"

We aren't sure if this is even possible.
We aren't sure if he'll pick up the phone.
We aren't sure how long it'll take.
We aren't sure what kind of batteries that needs.

A man waved me over.
A man picked out a present for his wife.
A man danced around the salon.
A man pulled out a gun.

A woman glided across the floor.
A woman tap-danced to the beat.
A woman whizzed by us on skis.
A woman carried her child up the stairs.

The large horse cleared the gate.
The large cake fell off its pedestal.
The large elephant sat on the car.
The large truck rumbled past early this morning.

All original writing and art copyright A. Dameron 2000-2010

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