Friday, October 22, 2010

Writing Exercises: An Unhealthy Obsession

Directions: Plan a story about a person's obsession with collecting something.

Collecting books
Miranda collects books. She scours used bookstores for prizes as well and the big chains. She jokes that books just jump into her hands. Her home is one huge library--almost all shelves. She even has them in displays and in her bathrooms. The town she lives him holds her up as an example of literacy.

Rewrite the story so the character's obsession is against this person's best interests.
The books are literally crowding her out of her home. Miranda is socially handicapped--she would much rather be home reading instead of being with people. She doesn't need TV- the shows are in her imagination with her as the star. Her collection sits and gathers dust-a valuable collection hidden away from public eyes.

Sketch out a plot based on the information above:
"Between Two Covers"

The story is told by Miranda's friend who runs the local used bookstore. Miranda leaves her enormous book collection to Susan Yoo when Miranda mysteriously dies. Susan dreads the required cataloging and sorting through the massive shelves, but she finds Miranda's secret diaries...that blows the lid off the secrets in their small town.

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