Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Thoughts on my Daughter's Birthday...

Today, my Baby Girl turns two years old. I can hardly believe it. Where did the time go?

It sounds pretty cliche, but I look at my kids and I think, Time goes way too fast. I remember Sarah as a newborn, and when she learned to crawl and walk. I remember when she first said "Mama" and "Dada". I remember the fear that went through me and hoping that she would be "normal". Sarah was an "Oops!" baby in every sense of the word. I found out I was having her when I was 16 weeks pregnant, sick with pneumonia in the hospital, and terrified of how the rheumatoid arthritis meds I was taking at the time would affect her.

I think my obstetrician nearly fainted when he found out. Doctors usually give that particular med to cancer patients, to suppress their immune system for chemotherapy. My rheumatologist was just baffled...pregnancy just WAS NOT POSSIBLE with this med.

Like I said, major OOPS!

But life has a funny way of balancing things out in the end, I think.

Sarah loves Legos, Wedgits and building blocks. She watches the Wiggles and Thomas the Train. Whenever we go to the toy store, she goes straight for the cars and trucks and ignores the dolls. She has no fear of the big slide on the playground and could spend hours in the sandbox if I let her. She shows her dad's aptitude for building and solving puzzles, but carries around a stuffed yellow lab puppy dog. Her favorite word is the toddler favorite, "No!" Figures. But I don't mind. Her two older siblings are non-verbal autistic, so every new word she says is an exciting gift.

Happy birthday, Sarah. Mum loves you.

Minutes after her arrival
Is she winking at us?

 Sarah in Sandbox, 
Labor Day Weekend 2010
Virginia Beach, VA

Sarah and her cousin Chase, being cute in the sandbox
Labor Day Weekend 2010
Virginia Beach, VA

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