Monday, March 7, 2011

Back to Posting...

...after a really rough week and a half.

My son ended up in the hospital from Mon.-Wednesday. When he's sick, he tends to withdraw and not eat or drink, especially if it makes him sick to his stomach to do it. It tends to go round in a vicious cycle...and he ended up being under observation for severe dehydration. His pediatrician had taken one look at him when I brought him over and told me to take him uptown. After some I.V. fluids, he was a lot more like himself, but since he's non-verbal autistic, it was difficult to know when he hurting or what he was feeling.

He was released on Wed. after he began eating and drinking independently, off the I.V. Unfortunately, by that time, Hubs and I had both become sick with flu, and the girls had caught another round of it as well. Not the greatest of weeks at all. Son was finally cleared to go back to school tomorrow, and Hubs is now on a business trip in New Jersey.

In other words, things have settled down. Somewhat. Kind of.

Time to play catch-up on please be patient as I try to pick up whatever's left of my sanity and try to assume a more regular posting schedule.

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