Thursday, March 31, 2011

I should have been a meteorologist...

...because my body's a veritable weather detector. Unfortunately, it doesn't go 'ding' when it detects stuff, timey-whimey or otherwise. It goes "OUCH!" Joints and muscles, thank you for the not-so-subtle warnings.

The past few days have been cold, gray and rainy. In other words, typical "April showers bring May flowers' kind of weather. So allergies have been up...I had to pick up Son from school late yesterday because he was coughing up a lung. Thank goodness for effective cough medicine.

After three days of being stuck at home, I needed to get out. Despite the mist, rain and general yuckiness, we managed to escape to the Mall and walk around a bit. I make it a point to walk around at least twice a week (Concord Mills is an oval-shaped track, about 1 1/4 miles if you go all the way around). Not only does it ease the pain in my joints, I get to say hi to some of my friends who work there (like Ray the Auntie Annie's Pretzel Guy). It's for my mental sanity as well as physical comfort. Hooray for being able to talk to an adult about something other than the Wiggles and IEP meetings!

I need a vacation to the Bahamas or the Florida Keys. I'll settle for someplace that actually has SUN!

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