Monday, October 11, 2010

14 Years and Counting

Today, 10/11/10 marks 14 years that I've been married to Hubby. If you count dating, I've known him for closer to 18 1/2. Time definitely flies.

In 14 years:

Moved twice.
Switched careers from teaching to writing/art
dealt with depression and low self-esteem
had 3 kids
had 2 of those 3 kids diagnosed with autism, sensory issues and other problems
learned quickly how to deal with teachers, therapists, doctors, etc. etc.
reached out to others with similar issues (mum friends w/special needs kids, other writers and artists)
discovered FaceBook and Twitter friends
expanded my writing repertoire and experimented w/creative art
did a family geneology; struggled with the discovery of issues because of that
got back to my first love: languages and linguistics
dealt with power, trust and money issues within my marriage (still in progress)

What a different life I have now, as opposed to 14 years ago!

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  1. Congrats on your anniversary! You have come quite a long way together!


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