Wednesday, October 27, 2010

One at a time vs. multiple projects?

I know some writers who write one story at a time, some artists who paint one painting, some potters who fire one pot at a time. They focus their energies on a single project and don't divide their attention. This way, they complete their tasks before starting new ones, and nothing is left unfinished. On the other hand, a complicated project can take weeks (or months) before it's completed. A fellow painter puts it this way, "The quality of my work is more important to me than just the quantity. If I end up cranking out picture after picture, the process loses something. I end up losing my soul."

Other creatives have multiple pots on multiple burners on their stove. I admit that I'm more of this type. If my writing Muse hikes Her way to Key West again on my novel, I can work on my poetry, or my drabble collection. If I can't make any headway on my acrylic painting, I'll grab a few old magazines, cut and paste a collage to my heart's content. Sometimes I'll get an idea on how to approach my original problem (by doing something completely unrelated), so I'll scurry back to it.

Of course, some of my projects sit untended for a while, and eventually may go to the reject or the recycle bin. But that doesn't bother me as much. Things ebb and flow, and change, other ideas come and go.

Everyone has their own style, methodical or chaotic, but as long as it suits your creative life, have fun!

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  1. I'm the same way. I have been multitasking in the writing area. Beginning a second children's picture book with my co-author Stacy, working on query letters for our first book and writing regularly for our blog. PHewwww.
    But I love it! I write notes in notebooks so I can refer back to them and I have a long list next to my computer to keep me focused. Great post!
    ~ Carol

  2. Thanks, hon. :-)

    I'm definitely a multitasker, otherwise nothing will get done!


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