Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Day of Remembrance, 7 December 1941

Today is the 69th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, that ushered in the US's entrance into World War Two. Please spare a moment of reflection for all those who died that day, including the ones aboard the USS Arizona.


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  1. After graduating from high school, my mom, aunt, and I took a family vacation to Hawaii. One of the most humbling and haunting things I've ever seen was the U.S.S. Arizona memorial. Looking down into the water...I can still see it. Inside the visitors center, they had veterans who were there when it went down--survivors--telling their stories on microphones to rapt listeners clustered around them, sitting on the floor. I was one of those rapt listeners. I was only 18 but even at the time I knew I was experiencing important...the history, the storytelling, the remembering.


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