Monday, December 6, 2010

This Wonderful(?) Wintry Season

Brrr, it's COLD! I know it's December, I know it's supposed to be cold. There's frost on the grass right outside my window. I've got the heat turned up. The commercials on the kids' channel Sprout are advertising "The Snowy Side Up Show" and "Elmo's Christmas Movies." Some of my on-line friends are digging out of several feet of snow and school's been canceled in some places. We've been rained on, drizzled on, sleeted on, with cold, wet stuff. College football teams battle it out for Bowl games, and the Super Bowl is next month! The malls ring with Christmas music and I still have to figure out where to put up the tree.

But I still enjoy this season. So many different cultural holidays (Hanukkah, Yule, Christmas, Festivus, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day (December 26), birthdays (mine is the 18th, an aunt's is the 25th, Banshee Girl on the 5th of January, Hubs on the 6th of January) and traditions (cookie goodie boxes!).Christmas Eve Midnight Mass, opening presents at 2 AM Christmas morning, and seeing the kids enjoy their new toys and clothes.

Christmas carols, traditional and all the variations thereof, both reverent and irreverent. Before my hands went kaput, I used to play the piano for hours to fill the house with music. My playlist has the Wiggles' "Go Santa Go" with Mannheim Steamroller's "Carol of the Bells" and Bob Rivers' "Wreck the Malls".

I love this season, even with the weird weather this year.

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