Sunday, December 19, 2010

Post Birthday Report

It's been a whirlwind of 24 hours. Yesterday, we went out early to pick up some coffee and get some lunch at McDonald's. The kids were more than ready to go out and about, even with the gray skies. By the time we reached McD's, it started snowing.

Yup, snowing. It hasn't snowed on my birthday since we moved here to Charlotte in 2001. Sarah was wondering what this stuff was, Michael was entranced, and Christina didn't like all this cold, wet, yucky stuff in her air. All the kids stared out the large windows of the Playplace as the fat flakes fell to the ground, in between climbing and exploring the play equipment.

We went by one of my favorite stores, World Market. Hubs picked up some coffee, while I distracted Michael by showing him all the colorful, pretty gifts on the shelves. He was curious about them, reaching out to touch and being fascinated by the sparkly wine bottles. He particularly liked a huge, green papasan lounge chair. It was big enough for him to curl up and snuggle in the middle of it. I think he would've been content to stay there all day if I'd let him.

Later, I went back out to the Dollar Store to buy wrapping paper, tape, and plastic zipper bags for holiday cookies. Then to Hobby Lobby for more gold ink, and the office store for some recordable DVDs. In the meantime, Hubs had bought a tiramisu-flavored panettone cake. I'd grown up with panettone (fruitcake) while living overseas in Italy, and it was a special treat around Christmas time. In fact, it's probably the ONLY fruitcake I'll ever eat. This version had tiramisu cream filling instead of fruit. I was in choco heaven.

Yes, birthdays are fun. I can either grouse about being a year older or celebrate it. I choose to be happy, not sad.

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