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Song Lyrics: Vale Decem (Farewell, Ten)

This song was composed and conducted by Murray Gold, one of my favorite composers. He does the music for the Doctor Who series. This particular song accompanied the regeneration scene in "The End of Time, part II" when the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) turns into the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith). The words are in Latin.

Vale Decem                                                                         Farewell, Ten
Honore res quara                                                  Because of (your) honor
Emerio                                                                         (It is) well deserved
Alter altera                                                                      This other (one)...

Vale Decem                                                                         Farewell, Ten
Emerio                                                                        (It is) well deserved
Alter...                                                                               This other (one)
Alteri ti                                                                          Other one of you...

Vale Decem                                                                         Farewell, Ten
Vale Stragem                                       Farewell (to) Carnage (destruction)
Valde Tempetua                                                               (to) intense trials
De glorio...                                                              (of) concerning pride...

Vale Decem                                                                         Farewell, Ten
Vale Decet                                                         (farewell) in a proper way
Honore res quara                                                  because of (your) honor
Alter cerna                                                     The next separation (change)
Armis                                                                             (by) force of arms
Grata tunc, usquera, emani                            flow out, all the way, with joy.
Vale (x12)                                                                                  (Farewell)

("I don't want to go...")

All original writing and art copyright A. Dameron 2000-2010


  1. I wonder if the words "this other one..." are talking about the new Doctor or Half-Doctor?

  2. The lyrics which are seen on a score hand-written by Murray Gold actually differ from these, here they are:

    Vale Decem. Ad aeternam. Di meliora. Ad aeternam. Vale Decem. De meliora. Beati Pacifici. Vale Decem. Alis grave. Ad perpetuam. Memoriam. Vale, Decem. Gratias tibi ago. Ad aeternam. Nunquam singularis. Nunquam dum spiro fido. Vale...


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