Tuesday, August 31, 2010

An anecdote about Picasso...Let your Imagination Run Wild!

This story is credited to Robert and Michele Root-Bernstein

"One day, Picasso took a train trip and, as happens on such occasions, engaged in conversation with the gentleman seated next to him. When the man learned to whom he was speaking, he began grumbling about the ways how modern art distorts reality. According to one account, Picasso demanded to know what was a faithful representation of reality.

"The man produced a wallet-sized photo and said, "There! That's a real picture--that's what my wife really looks like!"

"Picasso looked at it carefully from several angles, turning it up and down and sideways, and said, "She's awfully small. And flat."

Moral: Without imagination, the world is indeed as flat and small as the picture Picasso examined."

What would we be without our imagination? Where would we be? Columbus wouldn't have proved the world was round, Neil Armstrong wouldn't have stepped foot on the moon, and Henry Ford wouldn't have dreamed up the Model T. We need to encourage our children to dream about the future, not stifle their creativity. Imagine what they could accomplish if their imagination were allowed to flourish! 

A thought to take with you today. 

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  1. That's what if so cool about imagination it's the beginning of creation. I love it when you look at something and know it was an idea a thought in someones mind before it was manifested! New follower!


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