Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Two Little Stories about Bookworms...

Poem by Ralph Bergerngren

"My pop is always buying books:
so that Mom says his study looks
just like an old bookstore. The bookshelves are so full and tall,
they hide the paper on the wall,
and there are books just everywhere,
on table, window-seat and chair,
and books right on the floor.
and every little while he buys
more books and brings them home and tries
to find a place where they will fit
and has an awful time of it.

Once, when I asked him why he got
so many books, he said, "Why not?"
I've puzzled over that a lot."

The Bookworm (and other Vermin) by J. Doraston
'There is a sort of busy Worm
that will the fairest books deform,
by gnawing holes through them
Alike, through every leaf they go,
yet of its merit nought they know,
No  care they aught about them.

Their tasteless tooth will tear and taint,
the Poet, Patriot, Sage or Saint,
Not sparing wit nor learning.
Now, if you'd know the reason why,
The best of reasons I'll supply:
'Tis bread to the poor vermin."

All original writing and art copyright A. Dameron 2000-2010

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